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Access serial interfaces using Bluetooth

With the intertooth, you can conveniently configure your devices at a workplace instead of the noisy data center standing next to the rack. The intertooth is small, light and handy. Connect the end device and the intertooth powers on automatically and provides the interface via Bluetooth. Several intertooths can be connected to one PC at the same time, should you often work on several devices at the same time (e.g. commissioning stacks or clusters).

Unique Features


Bluetooth Class 1 for a range of up to 100 meters


Integrated battery


Supports Windows, Linux, Mac


Additional RS232/D-SUB port


Direct connection to RJ45 console ports


Direct connection to USB console ports


Identification by color using RGB-LED

No drivers

There is no driver installation required

RJ45 connector

Using the integrated RJ45 connector the intertooth can be connected to RJ45 console ports from Cisco and other manufacturers using any RJ45 patch cable. One cable is included with the intertooth.

USB port

The integrated USB port enables connections to USB console ports from Cisco and other manufacturers. This port is also used to charge the intertooth using any standard USB charger.

Standard RS232/D-SUB interface

Any adapters and cables from third-party manufacturers can be connected via the standard RS232 / D-SUB interface. Access to all possible types of serial interfaces is thus possible.

Micro USB Charging Port

The intertooth can be charged over the micro USB port using any standard USB charger.

Configurable Acoustic and Visual Alarm

The alarm prevents the device from being forgotten after use. It is triggered after the Bluetooth connection has been disconnected and the intertooth has not been switched off for a configurable period of time.

Automatic Power On and Off

The intertooth automatically powers on once connected to a device. If there is no Bluetooth connection for a configurable period of time, it automatically turns off to save power.

Operation Time of more than 30 Hours

The integrated battery allows for a non-stop operation time of more than 30 hours between charges.

RGB-LED Indicator

The RGB power LED can be configured to different colors in order to differentiate multiple intertooths more easily. The terminal color matches the configured color for easy identification when working with multiple intertooths simultanously.

Battery Replaceable by the User

We designed the intertooth to be your companion for many years. However, batteries wear out over time. That's why we offer replacement batteries that you can easily install yourself.

Firmware Update via Bluetooth

No software is perfect. Should you encounter a bug or when we add more features to the firmware, your intertooth can easily be upgraded to the latest version using our over the air update tool.


Contact and Ordering

You can buy your intertooth in our shop. Do you have any questions regarding the intertooth or its features? Don't hesitate to contact us via mail.